Message from Chief

Dear All,
I am very much thankful to get an opportunity to introduce the brand name of Star World Int’l Education. This is an outstanding organization, which is completely based on the Indian Education System. And exploring more than 200 academic subjects to all Nepalese students those who are seeking to enroll in the excellent academic environment in India. So, we are proudly making the bridge for betterment of your future.
Presently, we Nepalese are moving on the path of global challenge to secure our future by getting the world-class education and knowledge. But the universal thinking is authenticating to build up the intellectual and excellent candidates as per their required needs. In that case, we need to be sharp to tackle the situation whatever the demand is. We now visualize the better future for Nepalese students all over the world if they get genuine career guidance before their continuation of graduation for abroad study.
Moreover, we have a vision to share the remarks of all the educational system of the globe. Because several Colleges and Universities are launching in Nepal to fulfill their seats but are unable to upgrade our brain to present growing world. So we always defend to preserve the value of Nepalese talent providing World-class Education and making their standard for the upcoming generation.
Lastly, I would like to invite all of you to take the advance counseling for your future dream at Star world . And let us open the way together for your future subjects with first hand information through counseling. I hope the Indian Education sketch your life track using our guardianship for entire study period. .

Bidur Aryal
Chief Counselor

About Us

With the goal to make macadam a strong and smooth pathway to your future goals, we hereby are very much pleased to present you Star World Int’l Education, your guidance to matriculation in Indian Educational institutions. With life- enhancing counseling, we absolutely clear your confusion regarding your career and give you a clear vision for your bright future. Our team is our family, our company is our shelter. We treat each of the candidates very friendly and homely as for us our candidates are the other half of our family. We don’t put you under curtain the hard-edged part of Indian Education but help you tackle the problems that you might have had faced here ormight have to face where ever you go. Given chance to sanitize and shape your career, we would really keep ourselves in the position of your parents and hold your hand in every step you make. Show you the path to brighter future and seeing you being success. Therefore, we the staff members of Star World would be very much delighted to help you unconditionally and under any circumstances. As we believe in giving the best career plans to all the students as our children.

Our Vision

Awareness is a bone of our live and we have to handle all the situations being aware. Star World has started career counseling the students having very prospective thought about the global educational system focusing to Indian Education. We have lot of ideas to convince the natural process of life how the humans can be succeeded on their life and where the students should choose their educational destination. In fact, we believe in the quality education for their future career seeing the challenging environment of the world. Currently, the country has various consultancies presenting qualified counselors to give direction for their future ambition. And numerous students are getting the facilities to go to abroad to study their dreamy institutions. But most of the time, they might not be referred to genuine colleges & Universities. And they couldn't make the life as their wish. So that Star World is doing its duty to erase all the difficulties of students with sharing the reality of educational system for the real world. Consistently, we are serious for the future of students so we are exploring the top most colleges and universities of all over India. We always give right information about the courses through subject based counseling. Moreover our students will get the final conviction to face the opportunities of this universe. As per the reality, all students have to choose right counselors to make the dream into reality. And we all counselors are very curious to give right institutions to the eligible candidates for those who have great thought to change their life track. Because of that, we are assuring the admission for all Colleges and Universities across India. And we want to give the quality knowledge for our genius students to get enrollment in practical world. Similarly we can deserve to be a part of the globalization of technical growth.

Our Mission

Star World has its own ideology to increase the educated citizens for the country. As we have the concrete mission to upgrade the Nepalese students providing world-class education in India. And we basically focus on technical education teaching based on practical methods, which can be more necessary for the new generation. Beside that, we are matching both Technical & Non- Technical programmes as the wishing of students and making the intellectuals using subject based counseling so that all the students can decide to study for their chosen subjects. Also we are presenting the new methods to prompt the ambition of all motivated students for those who wants to be a part of global excellence. Every year more that 10,000 + students are enrolling from Nepal to India for all basic subjects but they don’t have proper choice to regulate themselves for longer. As per the scenario, we are using the key roll to admit the Nepalese students to their aimed institutions. And we are guiding them in entire study period to catch the target being aware about the current situation ie safety, security, environment, academic challenge, job opportunities & so on. Conclusively, we hope all of you will be perfect to expose you in reality after getting the quality education from India. We wish you to be a pillar of our country being a symbol of the talent. So that the next generations would be blessed on you, “Best of Luck”